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Custom Services

Duplication & Replication

Duplication is the process of taking your master disc and burning a copy of the data onto a blank recordable CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc, most commonly on a disc duplication tower. Duplication is most cost effective on lower quantity projects – generally less than 500 pieces – and starting on projects as low as 25 pieces. The standard turnaround time is 4-6 business days after receipt of all components & artwork approval. Duplication, print, and package short runs, with RUSH services, are available at our Columbus, Ohio production facility. 

Replication involves molding discs from melted polycarbonate via a stamper which contains all the data, music, or video for the project. Think of a commercially produced CD you play in your car – this is a replicated disc. Based on the set-up time involved for the replication process, pricing is most cost effective on larger projects of 500 pieces or more, with big savings starting at 1000 pieces!

Looking to replicate a disc in a smaller quantity? That’s OK, we can offer this service starting at 300 pieces. The standard turnaround time for a replicated disc is generally 7-10 business days after receipt of all components & artwork approval. 

We offer both duplication and replication services and always provide a high-quality finished product!

How to determine which is right for your project? 

  • Quantity
  • Budget
  • Turn Time

**Turn times will vary based on exact specs of your project.

Preprinted Disc

Are you using pre-printed discs? Let us help! We offer solution for every budget with Inkjet, Thermal, Silk-Screen and Digital Printing options.

We specialize in pre-printed discs for the ministry & medical industries as well as government & law enforcement agencies.

Pre-printed discs are a perfect way to share your sermon. Don’t let the bottleneck of the printing process stop you from producing discs on-demand for your congregation after your weekly service.

Pre-printed discs provide an ideal & cost-effective way to store and distribute your digital medical images such as X-Ray, MRI, PET, CT scan, and Ultrasound. We provide custom printed sleeves and mailers for many of our medical customers as well.

Law Enforcement & Government Agencies
Back up evidence & protect the chain of custody with our preprinted CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs. We provide the same media previously used by Adams Evidence Grade Technology.

Need to be able to track the disc? No problem, we can provide serialization and barcoding too. No more waiting 2-3 weeks for your order! Discs generally ship in 3-5 business days.

Send us your existing artwork or we can add your logo/information to one of our existing templates – see below for examples.

Mt. Hope Church CD
Generic Church Purple
Hawthorne Hospital CD
Generic Hospital DVD
Greentown Police DVDR-Evidence
County Police CD-Evidence

USB & Flash Memory

The flash memory division at Media Mega Mall provides quality products and services beyond the brandable USB drive. We provide only Tier 1 chipsets, so you have lower downtime and failure rates.  With over 100 styles to choose from, we have something for everyone.

Want something uniquely yours? No problem, we can provide custom shaped drives as well with a little as 50 drives each.

Additional flash memory products include SD, Micro SD, Solid State Drives, Hard Drives, Web Keys and Video Brochures.

Contact one of our knowledgeable specialists for your customized quote today or visit our website at:

usb drive

Video Brochure

The best sales tool - ever! Video Brochures are interactive and fully engage your clients through a perfect blend of video and print material with countless applications for any industry, product or service. No wifi, downloading or links to aggravate your customers. Share your message by simply opening the Video Brochure and your message plays automatically. Below are the specs for the most common options, however, Video Brochures are fully customizable to your needs.

Contact one of our knowledgeable specialists for your customized quote today!

video brochure

Other Custom Services & Products:

  • Custom Printed Packaging
  • Plastic Gift Cards & Digital Download Cards
  • Webkeys
  • Custom Printed SD/MicroSD Cards
  • Custom Printed Hard Drives & Solid-State Drives
  • Power Banks
  • Promotional Items
  • Graphic Design & Mastering Services
  • Conversion Services
  • Fulfillment, Kitting & Assembly Services

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