MediLine Medical Grade CD-R 52x 80min 700MB White Inkjet Hub Print 300pk Case

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FTI - Falcon Technologies International - Medical Grade CD-R

For the best filmless imaging data storage solution, FalconMedia MEDILINE offers the most reliable and highest quality CD-R and DVD-R media, specifically designed for healthcare needs. All FalconMedia Medical products are registered as medical grade, thus aligning DICOM compliance with professional Top grade media. This combination ensures the highest read/write performance at all speeds and excellent compatibility with PACS systems and modular drives, resulting in a reliable, consistent quality media with an extended lifespan for recorded patient data.

Modern healthcare systems generate a huge amount of digital records on a daily basis. Considering this growing demand, optical media for medical purposes is the only real data storage solution. Today, CD-R and DVD-R are commonly used in medical imaging because they offer a more robust solution compared to paper and a lower-cost option that is easier to use compared to conventional, more expensive film methods. The use of optical media in medical imaging has become essential in some countries to ensure cost saving. Furthermore, optical media has become a safer and more reliable method of preserving and distributing internal reports and patient records in hospitals and medical institutions.

Each medical grade disc guarantees DICOM compliance based on the use of environmental control during the manufacturing process, ensuring high quality, reliable media. This explains why FalconMedia Mediline products are compatible with the majority of PACS and imaging modalities allowing users to easily retrieve data. A complete range of high quality printable surfaces are available, allowing users to add their own patient information, hospital logos or any artwork. In addition, FalconMedia Medical grade offers innovative white cake box packaging, specially designed for the medical field.

  • Features:
  • DICOM standard compliant;
  • Compatible with PACS image recording systems;
  • High performance read/ write, characterized by the use of high quality original Japanese materials and a fully controlled manufacturing processes;
  • Manufactured in a controlled cleanroom environment, providing dust and contamination free discs;
  • Compatible with multi-speed recording drives;
  • Available with Ultra Hard Coat (UHC), which provides excellent scratch and handling protection;
  • Available in a wide range of printing and packaging options;
  • RoHS compliant, in line with European Directives;
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards;
  • CE certified medical grade media in accordance with European EC Directive 93/42/EEC;
  • Universally compatible with imaging systems, modalities and publishers;
  • Safe and long term use up to 50 years.

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