2000 Series Director 2 Drive CD / DVD Duplicator with TEAC P-55 Printer


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MF-Digital 2602 Director CD/DVD Auto Duplicator

Director: Publisher Series

MF Digital is a leading maker of software manufacturing equipment for unique optical duplication solutions utilizing digital duplication systems. Our Director CD duplication equipment, CD On Demand, DVD publishing systems allow instant network-based manufacturing of discs on demand while integrating a wide-variety of publishing and printing optical solutions. The Director produces discs upon receiving local or remote burning requests. This optical disc manufacturing equipment features automatic editing of print jobs, unlimited job queuing, and production unique one off disc publishing for distribution.

Network-Based (PC Built in) Publisher

Get the power to burn discs-on-demand with a Director publishing copier system. These network-based powerful units allows users to initiate unique burns or print jobs from anywhere; even a remote web browser!

Ideal Choice for One-Off Duplication

The Director is ideal for burning one-off unique discs on demand. Since each drive operates fully independent the others, the Director is capable of producing 2 unique discs simultaneously -- no more waiting around for one drive to finish before loading another master. The ultimate in duplicating speed.

Exclusive API Technology

The Included API toolkit alows the Director to be easily and seamlessly integrated into users' existing custom applications to burn discs on demand.

Director Features Include:

  • PC (Built In)
  • 2 drives; CD/DVD with auto-pick
  • In-line direct to disc printing with inkjet and or thermal printers
  • Processes up to 2 unique jobs simultaneously
  • Unlimited job queuing
  • Includes Windows client software allowing any computer on your network to access the duplicator publisher
  • Precision-reliable "pick and place" robotic automated disc loading
  • 300 disc spindle capacity (Can pick CD or DVD based on image submitted)

Exclusive Technology

The Director Publisher features our exclusive frame technology offering enhanced professional audio capabilities. Because of this technology only MF DIGITAL duplicators and copiers allow 100% verification of audio CD discs.

Series Specifications

Model #:Director Publisher Series 2602
System Type:PC Based (KVM †)
# of Drives:2
Drive Type:CD/DVD
Disc Capacity: *300
Auto Loading System:Yes
Network Client Support:Yes
Accommodates Inkjet & Thermal Printers:Yes
Drive ConnectorIDE
MF Digital SoftwareYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)20" W x 18" H x 15" D
Weight: **40 lbs (19 kg)
Power Consumption:115 Watts
† KVM Customer adds keyboard, video monitor, and mouse

Supported Formats:

  • DVD-VIdeo (Unprotected)
  • ISO/UDF Bridge
  • CD-ROM Mode 1
  • CD Enhanced / Extra
  • Mixed Mode
  • Photo-CD
  • Video CD
  • CD-ROM XA Mode 2
  • ISO 9660
  • CD-I (Form 1 & Form 2)
  • Joliet
  • Romeo
  • Rockridge / UFS
  • HSF (MAC)
  • CD-DA (CD Digital Audio) w/ ISRC Subindex & UPC code support
  • Hybrid

* Spindle Capacity varies with printer selected.
** Weight does not include printer.

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