7400 4-Drive CD / DVD Auto Duplicator


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TCP-7400 (No Printer)

The TCP-7000 Series of desktop publishing systems provide both stand-alone and network attached publishing solutions for any size business. The TCP-7400 model has 4 recorders, a 220 disc capacity, and comes with TrueNet LX disc publishing software with the option to upgrade to TrueNet FX.

The robust, industrial-designed robotics combined with an easy-to-use yet powerful web browser-based user interface provides the ideal solution to publishing across multiple computer platforms such as Windows (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX, and Linux simultaneously on the same network. Because the system is controlled by your java-enabled web browser, there is no client software or printer drivers to install!

TrueNet FX Software

TrueNet FX is the most complete disc publishing software available today. TrueNet FX works within any java-enabled web browser, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. There is no need to install client software, making deployment within any corporate structure a breeze and providing instant compatibility with Windows XP & Vista (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX, and Linux simultaneously.

TrueNet FX features:

  • Drag & Drop Mastering
  • Multi Disc Sets - up to 25 discs per set (99 with theNS-4500), including mixed CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  • Edit and update jobs in real time
  • Easily repeat or restart jobs with additional quantities
  • Change job priorities in real time
  • Import ready-made ISO images - even up to 50GB for Blu-ray!
  • Built-in Label Designer with dynamic user-defined form fields
  • Disc Label Serialization
  • Data Mail-Merge functions
  • E-Mail Event Notification
  • Role-based user security and access control
  • Full System Logging - accessible in real time
  • Label Design Lockout - ensures that users select a pre-defined corporate label
  • Up to 25 unique users (250 with the NS-4500), all with their own login and e-mail address
  • Quota-based jobs on a user-by-user basis
  • Customizable Low Media/Print Supplies thresholds with e-mail notifications
  • API functionality

TrueNet FX is loaded by entering the address of the system in the browser address bar, just like accessing any web site. Within a few moments TrueNet FX is ready to use.


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