Scribe 9000 6 Drive Duplicator(NO PRINT)


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6 drives with a 600 disc capacity

With MF Digital's automated duplicators, you simply connect a Keyboard, Video and Mouse and you are now ready to enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP based duplication system which can be accessed from any desktop PC. MF Digital provides our exclusive and license free client software for remote job submission, control of multiple duplicators and job status.

The Scribe 9000 Office Series provides professional-grade automated duplicators with printing in one flexible and affordable footprint. 300 disc capacity offers high volume production capability for the Scribe duplicators. Standard features like an image archive to automatically master all your discs, and our SDK (Software Developers Kit), to develop your unique application, set Scribe 9000 apart from ordinary PC Based duplicators.

Scribe 9000 Series Configuration Options:

MF Digital provides configuration options to enhance the performance of your Scribe duplicator. Configuration options include:

  • Hard drives.
  • Adapter kits for smaller media types available.
  • 2nd and 3rd year extended warranties available


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